Fabrication & Forming

North Iowa Fabrication possesses 2 CNC press brakes, up to 175 ton and 5 axis capabilities that we use to form and bend parts to customer specifications. Parts can
be efficiently processed
individually in small, medium,
and large lot sizes, or
programmed and stored for
later recall. With skilled
operators every form and
bend produced are precise and
consistently accurate. North
Iowa Fabrication has the
experience, knowledge and
solutions to meet your growing
requirements in forming and
fabrication.  With our vast array
of tooling, extended lead times and costs can be avoided.

North Iowa Fabrication uses many instruments and processes to verify the
Quality and Accuracy of our parts.  With an updated CMM and digital
optical comparator we have the
ability to track and record
tolerances and dimensions of
the parts.

North Iowa Fabrication is a
highly skilled, precision metal
fabricator that offers complete
turnkey contract manufacturing
solutions. We assist our
customers in product
development, fabrication
and manufacturing.   
Experts in laser, CNC machining and welding, our up to date facility houses multiple well maintained machines capable of handling many operations.