For high quality parts in a fraction of the time required by conventional cutting processes, North Iowa
Fabrication offers advanced
laser-cutting technology.

North Iowa Fabrication's laser
service is a fast, efficient way
to produce parts because it
requires little to no fixture
costs.  Combining state of the
art technology with the
expertise of skilled fabricators,
North Iowa Fabrication
produces high quality products
in a fraction of the time.  Our
laser cutting technology can produce parts with even the most complex shapes and sizes. And, since no hard tooling is required, your costs and turnaround times are decreased considerably.

North Iowa Fabrication's laser
cutting services are ideal for
fulfilling your proto-typing and
production needs. 
Intricate parts can be cut
quickly and accurately, plus this
technology can produce
quality parts and fabrications
in a variety of materials.  Using
a versatile Mitsubishi Laser
Cutting System, we can cut
carbon steel, stainless steel and
aluminum materials ranging in
thickness from 28 gauge stock to 1" metal plates.

With the Automated load and unload system on our laser cutting equipment North Iowa Fabrication is able to reduce costs to our customers through unattended "Lights Out" laser manufacturing.


  • Materials
    • Carbon Steel up to 1", Stainless Steel to .500", and Aluminum to .250"

  • Processing
    • Cad/Cam based Nesting to reduce waste
    • Tabbed cutting to assist in quicker assembly
    • Nitrogen Gas Assist cutting for scale free edges